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Demerit Points

I have got to give some credit to the RTA in New South Wales - at the start of February they took the initiative to increase the number of demerit points on a NSW drivers license as well as reduce or remove points for 22 driving offences.

Why were these changes implemented?
Since the demerit points scheme was introduced in 1969, the motoring environment has changed significantly. The number of vehicles on the road has increased, and the road network has been extended and improved.

The changes to the demerit points scheme have been implemented to reflect these conditions.

The additional point for professional drivers recognises that these drivers spend more time on the roads.

This now means that our friends down south have an advantage over all their interstate counterparts - and all the while I was under the misguided belief that the demerit points scheme was a national initiative!

To the government bodies across the rest of this country who continue to roll out more & more speed cameras as well as reduce speed limits on some roads to ridiculous levels - GET WITH THE TIMES and follow the RTA's lead.

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