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Tassie Touring Suggestions

It's been a very long time since I toured Tassie but the memories are all good ones. The trip over there was just as much fun as the island was. I went to a big rally there and met lots of people so I suggest you check out what rallies are on. Be aware that the Hog Club have their rally on 6-8 November, so it will be busy down there at that time.

I had 6 weeks touring around, so I guess if you only have a couple of weeks you will have to be a little selective. There are some absolutely excellent little pubs, like The Pub In The Paddock and The Worst Little Pub On the East Coast.

My advise would be to get a copy of the Australian Motorcycle Atlas which has pretty much all the best rides. I stayed in backpacker lodges, peoples places, beside rivers and bays, in farmers paddocks, and at pubs. I'd suggest you take a small tent as well as your sway because I remember getting caught out for a couple of days in the rain (with a cask of port).

As for the Nullabour, yep I've done that too. There was a heat wave the day I left and I stopped at the first pub I came to and met up with a couple of guys on bikes and another couple trailering their bike whom I ended up travelling with all the way across. We had other bikes join up with us and every fuel stop turned into a bar stop and after overtaking road trains we would stop on the side of the road with a six pack and watch them all pass up by again.

I had an excellent time at Koolgardi where we happened upon a desert bike race and a rock drillers competition and managed to get ourselves free tickets to the rock drillers caberet that night. We got so drunk and were the only ones dressed in jeans (the ladies had lurex dresses on) but we had them all up dancing with us before long. We totally appreciated the smorgasbord after eating baked beans etc at campside stops for days in a row.

If you are going to camp on the side of the road along the way take a ground sheet as there are lots of prickly grass seeds that will haunt you for years to come otherwise.

We also made it to Norseman in time to meet up with a big group of fishermen staying there the night, who partied on after the bar was closed as the publicans guests and included us in their free drinks.

Needless to say, I recall all the good bits of that trip, but I do remember how long and ... long it was. Make sure you have a small esky with you; a lambs wool cover for your seat and a few spare parts. I ended up with a paper clip holding my chain together because the link kept coming off and even when I put a new link in with a surclip, it came out too. I actually rode around Perth for a while before I remembered to go get it fixed.

Well that's all I can think of at the moment, if I have any more wonderful recolections about the ride I'll let you know.

Cheers Donna



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