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I dropped the GSX for the fist time yesterday morning and I felt like such a knob!

I rode down to the bottom of my street and went to stop at a tee intersection as I made my way to work. There was a truck removing a large waste bin from one of the houses further along the street I was about to turn into, and it caught my attention. As I came to a stop I think I put my foot down a little late - I had been distracted by trying to work out how I was going to get around the truck. Next thing, I was fighting to keep the bike upright but it had gone too far. I managed to get my right leg out from under the bike just before it hit the bitumen! Ouch!

I quickly picked it up (wow, it was easier than I thought) and then noticed that both the truck driver and the guy from the house had watched it all happen! Double ouch!! The guy walked across the street and asked if I was alright - I told him that I was fine, quickly got back on the bike and rode off. I pulled up around the next corner to check the damage - just a few small scratches on the bike and a very dented ego for the rider!

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