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Good As Gold

I don't usually post too much about upcoming poker runs but I thought this one is worth a mention for two is the prizes on offer, the second and more important reason is being able to show the law makers of this state that we, as riders, will associate with who ever we want and not let them determine that for us. I plan to be there (if I still have a license....but that's another story).

The Good As Gold Poker Run will be taking place on Saturday March 7 - bikes leaving from 31 Tradelink Dr, Browns Plains at 12:30 sharp. Cash, trophies and prizes for the best, second best and worst hands, complimentary food, drinks, raffles throughout the day and an after party with live music, food and adult entertainment. And get this...first prize is a 100 cube Rev Tech motor with ignition and Mikuni carb and second prize is a Rev Tech 6 speed box - now those are prizes!



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