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Been Out Riding...

Well I just returned from a 2630km five day adventure and it was sooo, sooo good - cannot describe how it felt to be riding some serious distances again (...for me anyway). Spent Thursday and Friday riding down to Bathurst for the's first annual get together here in Oz - OzMCR 1, then Saturday at the Mount Panorama circuit (did lots of laps) and museum and then Sunday and Monday riding home.

At the moment I am a bit too busy to do a write up, but will post something once I get back in the groove.

The bikes lined up along the start of the straight at Bathurst

Paradise...the top of the Oxley before the sweepers and twisties!

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Blogger IronChef said...

I know exactly where both of those photos were taken - nice setup with the throw overs on the 14.

11:27 PM  

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