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Kawabusa II - wow!

Oh wow - think I am in love!! Check this beast out - one sexy machine, built by Norm Wilding, an expat Aussie who has been living in the US for the last 15 odd years. A Kawasaki ZRX with Hayabusa running gear. He has done a brilliant job bringing the two bikes together into a single, mean- mother streetfighter, and I love the look. The GSXR tail provides the real agro arse look and the paint really finishes it off - it's got the grunt factor in a big way!

Check details and further pics of the Kawabusa II here, and for his first try, Kawabusa I, click here.



Anonymous Motorcycle website marketing said...

mate..Did you see the kawasaki calibre bike? I suppose you havent yet otherwise you would fall in love at first sight i bet...

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