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GS Carburetor Reconditioning 1

Finally got around to working on the GS over the weekend thanks to the wet & wild weather. Managed to remove the carburetors and begin stripping them down - man, there is no way this bike would have run for long had I not done so. Found a lot of loose hoses, screws and fittings and even the hose clamps around the rubber intake boots were loose. There was also a lot of dirt on and around the carbs - looks as if a wasp colony had at one stage decided to make it their home and left a few of their dead comrades in the casting holes of the carbys!!

After removing the carburetors I commenced on separating the four of them from their gang plate - from this point I plan to progressively strip, clean and reassemble one at a time in an effort to keep things as simple as possible. Nearly every screw (yes, they are screws, not socket heads!!) I have tried to remove has seized or is badly rusted, so it is slow going. Have been utilising my centre punch and hammer quite a bit to free these stuck screws and they will need replacing, but there are a few (especially on the the float bowl covers) that I have had to drill out. I am yet to get the first carb open (hopefully tonight), but looking in from the outside they don't seem like they are going to take too much work - not bad for a 28 year old bike.

Really is a learning process for me as I have never done anything like this before. I have an excellent set of instructions as well as a full set of O rings for the carb reconditioning courtesy of the GS Resources site and am planning to follow them as closely as possible. Reading what other guys have accomplished with these bikes really gives you the confidence and drive to do the same!!

Enjoying it so far.

Well, after stripping carb number one (in pic above) I have to say that I am glad I decided to do so. I found a lot of black sticky residue from old fuel and the float needle was near on impossible to remove from its sleeve - permanently stuck shut, which is not good when you consider that it is supposed to slide up and down dependent on the float assembly and feed fuel into the carb. Starting to make me realise why I couldn't get the bike to kick over!!!

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