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Blue-V Sunglasses

I find sunglasses to be a very personal thing - a lot of people will recommend specific brands to me, but I usually find that they are not what I am after due to either fit, lens quality or price. Enter Blue-V.

A mate of mine, Koff, recommended these sunnies to me about 2 years back. One of the first things that really appealed to me about these glasses was the fit. The frames are made of a very flexible plastic - this allows them to fit snugly thereby reducing, but not eliminating airflow across your eyes without the need for the foam rings that a lot of biker glasses have - important when wearing an open face helmet. It also means that there are no gaps around the edges for the sunlight to get in, meaning your eyes are fully covered all of the time. The flexible frame also meant that I could accidentally sit on them and they would not break - and I have done that a couple of times.

Another appealing thing is the almost instantaneous relaxation of my eyes when I put them on. The polarised lenses of these glasses apparently filter out the blue light rays (see the full blurb below) which helps reduce the amount of work your eyes need to do. I even find that they are good to wear in semi-shaded areas because unlike other glasses I have tried, they do not seem to make everything appear darker, just clearer. I find this is important when riding and moving from full sun to shaded sections of road.

I lost my last pair of Blue-V's just before heading to Kazakhstan. Because these glasses are mail order, I did not have enough time to purchase a replacement pair before leaving, so for 8 months I was trying other brands of sunglasses. I think I went through about five pairs, and not one of them came close to the Blue-V's. I have purchased another pair since arriving back home and cannot recommend them highly enough for other riders out there.

I had a pair of Blue-V's before I had read the advertising/testimonials. I can say from experience that most of the above is true.

The only down side about these glasses is the method of purchase - you cannot try them on before buying, even though they do offer a money back guarantee, and this may scare a lot of people off. There is also no website for the company which distributes them, so no online orders, only phone or mail. However, I can say that delivery was quick and the product is great!



Blogger helloWorld said...

cool blog

love visiting australia too... esp brisbane n melbourne... never tried taking a bike out though... thinking of doing tt e next time around... didn't expect to find your blog dedicated to doing just that!

ride safe!

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Beaker, mate these sunnies are good but they are only Standard Sunnies hyped up...
Cheers, Cobb

Read Here:

Most of us wouldn't go anywhere without our sunglasses. In fact they're almost mandatory in the Queensland environment, to protect our eyes against the harmful effects of ultra-violet light.

A new type of sunglasses is being advertised, claiming to shield us from damaging blue light. According to the advertising for these new sunnies, called Blue-V, you should also be protected against something called blue light.

Andrew Angeli of the Optometrists Association said, "It's one part of the wavelength or the spectrum that can cause damage to the eye. It's more important to consider ultra-violet light in it's totality, which is a broader range of the spectrum."

The advertising claims these sunnies block out 97% of blue rays, which, according to the literature, can cause eyestrain, headaches and damage to the retina.

Andrew Angeli from the Optometrists Association says the advertising isn't false, but it should be taken with a grain of salt.

"Most sunglasses in Australia if they pass Australian standards, remove ultra-violet light and including most of the damaging rays of blue light."

Dave Strachan from Fair Trading says the sunglasses are being marketed by a type of advertising called distance selling. It's when a product is advertised in a newspaper or magazine and you have to order it without first seeing or touching it, or comparing it with other products.

You also have no choice but to believe the claims.

The sunglasses are marketed as having a special high tech lens with a material called Columbia Resin or CR-39. Columbia Resin is standard material which has been used in optics for many years.

Fair Trading says Blue-Vs not only comply with Australian Standards, they're of pretty good quality and probably good value at just under $40. There's also a 30-day money back guarantee on the glasses.

The question is however, advertisements for Blue-Vs make claims that they have all sorts of characteristics and meet standards which they may in fact not do?but there is almost no way for a consumer to get that checked out.

8:26 AM  
Blogger David said...

You can buy them online from here:
I bought two pairs of these 6 years ago, and they were great! Im now online looking for them again, because I lost them both.

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dodgey - these have been recalled as they can lead to impaired judgement!

1:06 PM  
Blogger Alex Mart said...

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