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Share The Road....Please?

Riding into work this morning and coming up to traffic lights, I decided to split traffic to get to the front. As I was about five cars back from the line, the lights turned green and the traffic started moving, so I pulled into a car-sized gap between two vehicles in the right lane, intentionally making sure that I allowed plenty of space for the trailing vehicle.....then this driver cracked a sad.

For some unknown reason, he chose to claim back "his piece of road" that I had so rudely stolen from him. I watched him in my mirrors accelerate up to and then to within an inch or two right alongside me in the same lane that I was riding in. Why? What was this guy thinking? What was he going to accomplish in doing this? For some unknown reason, there are a few drivers who simply refuse to give up a little of "their road" - that bit of tarmac extending up to 3 metres in front of their vehicles. I did not impede him or slow him up, and there was initially quite a bit of distance between the rear of my bike and the front of his vehicle when I did cut back into his lane. This guy was just one of those arseholes who outright refuse to share the road with or acknowledge the presence of a motorcycle. I seem to have noticed an increase in these types since returning from overseas.

Anyhow, I held my position in the lane as this guy firstly came right alongside me and then backed off. I also slowed significantly once he did back off and allow me back into the centre of the lane, just to piss him off - had he not done what he did, I would have been gone in no time and no one would have been inconvenienced. I know this was a risky move on my part, but I refuse to be intimidated by these selfish and inconsiderate people. Unlike cyclists, who frequently slow the flow of traffic by blocking a lane, I do pay registration to use the road and move along at or above the general speed of traffic and am usually gone within a few seconds of "cutting in" on you.

So how about sharing some of "your" road? Please?

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Anonymous Chuck said...

I've hammered finish nails into the heels of both my riding boots with the nailheads exposed on the outside edge, just for clowns like this. Give 'em a little kick to let 'em know you're there, later on they realize you've left them with a reminder for next time.

9:33 AM  
Anonymous mrs rc said...

I agree, the cager was a prick. But I can see why, even though you didn't cut him off, he might have been annoyed that you were doing something to get ahead that he couldn't. He probably has an inferiority complex, and was unable to appropriately deal with it when confronted with the fact that his cage just can't do what a motorcycle can.

Here in Delaware, lane splitting is illegal, not to mention extremely dangerous. So I probably would have been pissed off too. I just wouldn't have acted like a prick about it.

5:43 AM  
Blogger JOEY said...

Looks like the cager was trying a little bit of lane splitting on you. I wonder if Mr Plod would've booked him or turned a blind eye

7:47 AM  

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