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The Strip Down Begins....

Had a bit of time on my hands on Friday night and so thought I would commence the strip down of the GS. I am still yet to get it to turn over, but believe that I have a problem with the starter motor, so will get onto that next. Anyway, I did manage to remove the rear guard, tank, covers and the exhaust (....I managed to shear two of the eight bolts in the process - what a prick - now I have to get them out). Once I had completed that I was able to see what I have to work with, and man, I now realise that I have a lot of work in front of me!!

It was very obvious that this bike had sat out in the weather for a fair period of time before the guy that I bought it off had picked it up, so it will need a good clean before I start to disassemble the carbs or motor. The wiring is pretty average and will need attention, the exhaust system is fairly well rusted and the carbs are filthy - and thats just a few things. Luckily, the motor doesn't appear too bad, although there is a fair bit of oil on the front, centered around the number two exhaust outlet. I am still unsure whether the oil is from a leaking gasket or it has blown out of the exhaust port - I just hope its a gasket!!

I look at this bike and I am so tempted to get stuck into the cosmetics, but my first goal is to get the motor running. After that, the carbs come off for a clean. Only once that has been accomplished will I turn to modifying the look of the bike.

My opinion so far....I think it will be a while before she is on the road!!

Side view

Sheared bolts after removing the exhaust system - bugger!!

Fair bit of oil on the front around the number two exhaust outlet - hidden by the frame

Tankless but filthy - that is what happens when left outside in the weather

I love the ass ends on these bikes - shaft drive really tidies em up!!

Carbs need a re-condition - have ordered parts for this already

Actually looks quite cool with the tail section removed

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Anonymous Motorcycle Fairings said...

is that yours? it needs reconditioning

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