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I had an encounter this morning on my way to work which reminded me of why a lot of motorists & riders dislike cyclists.

I was riding along a major arterial road and as the traffic was moving very slowly decided to overtake the traffic in the kerbside lane before the road thinned from three lanes to two. As I was about to pass a bus I could see two cyclists riding two abreast in the lane that I was in, with the guy on the road side sitting bang smack in the middle of the lane. Whilst he didn't really inconvenience me in any great way, he did pose a threat to both himself and to other traffic.

Now as you probably already know from previous posts, I have little time for cyclists using major roads in this manner. I know - I can hear all the cyclists out there saying that he was only trying to be seen and provide himself and his co-rider with some room, however I believe that as they are much slower moving, they should not be allowed on main roads at peak times. Use the footpath or the back roads in my opinion - arterial roads are for cars, trucks, busses & motorcycles that can motor along at the speed limit and not have to worry about a slow moving obstacle such as a pushbike.

I am not angry at this guy, just amazed that he was stupid enough to sit right out in the line of fire. As I passed him I sat on my horn to alert him that I was there and make him realise how risky his actions were. Perceptions are built on the actions of a few standouts, and this guy did nothing to help his cause. Had he been riding behind or in front of the other cyclist, I probably wouldn't even have noticed him.

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Blogger Charlie6 said...

the cyclists up here are no better...they blow through stop signs and red lights as if they don't apply to cyclists....idiots.

6:37 AM  
Anonymous agirlwithacomputer said...

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3:56 AM  
Anonymous Motorcycle Fairings said...

i agree with charlie6!

3:19 AM  

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