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Icon Pursuit Gloves

Whilst home I was able to finally use the pair of Icon Pursuit Gloves that I purchased a while ago. Let me say that I found these gloves to be brilliant - they are thin enough to allow good flexibility, perforated and provide plenty of airflow. When I first put them on they were a little tight, but they did loosen a bit over the week I used them. They are short gloves with some flexible armour over the knuckle area and some extra padding on the palm - I know they wouldn't protect my hands as well as my thicker winter gloves, but those gloves are just too hot to wear in summer and I had resorted to wearing my old fingerless leather gloves offering little protection when it was too warm.

These Icon gloves offer a lot more protection than those whilst still allowing plenty of air through via the perforations on the back and on the palm of my hand - perfect for the hot, humid summers here in sunny Queensland. They really do fit like a glove, are supple and obviously very comfortable. A couple of other points....the finger tips are thin enough to allow me to fit and remove my helmet whilst still wearing them and a really good idea, they have clips to keep them together when not in use.

They come in a few colour variations (my first pair I ordered were the tan colour) and also come in a Stealth variation that has no perforations, perfect for the cooler months. I paid just under $50 for the pair from a store on eBay and was so impressed by them that I have just ordered a blue pair for Kat to match her jacket and a second pair for myself, the black non-perforated version.

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Anonymous AtlasRider said...

I've been looking for a summer glove with good airflow. Summer is almost over so I'll probably stick it out with my Alpine SP2 gauntlets, but if I change my mind maybe I'll give these a shot. Nice review.

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