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Safety Initiative

I am getting a little bit annoyed at some of the responses I have been seeing on a couple of the forums I frequent regarding an initiative that the Queensland Govenment has taken in an effort to reduce the ever increasing two wheeled carnage on our roads. Everyone is so quick to pick holes in some of the information used. I am of the opinion that if any kind of initiative can make poeple at least think about how they ride, then it has done its job. It all stems from the mailout pictured below...

A lot of people have been very quick to question/criticise the statistics used, picking holes in the numbers as if it is a personal insult, but really, do they matter that much?? At least they are trying something - there is no quick fix for a lot of the carnage. Sure, the way in which we can obtain a license may not be right, but it aint gonna be fixed overnight. We all take some kind of risk when riding, and for some of us it may be the last thing we do - all they are trying to do is make us think a bit before doing something that could put our lives in serious jeopardy.

I think that we all need to ask ourselves what we are doing to preserve ourselves out on the road. Are our skills the best they could be? Mine aren't and I bet yours aren't either - there is always room for improvement. Just think about it - no one likes reading about a biker going down, and I believe that this is all they are trying to make us do. After all, we are resposible for our actions, so, think before you do whilst out on the road...and ride safe.

Check out the Motorcycle Safety website that also forms a part of the initiative launched by Queensland Transport and let me know your thoughts.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is rich coming from someone who breaks every rule they can when out riding.If you really give a shit practice what you preach.

6:01 PM  
Blogger Beaker said...

Yes, there are times when I let loose, however, this post was more about the whinging and whining that always seems to appear on a lot of forums when any effort is made by the government to curb the toll. I am yet to hear of a better solution from anyone posting on these forums!

9:49 PM  
Blogger KT Did said...

Continuing education is the most important aspect of riding. Glad you made a point of it. Its always amazing how the "annonymous" people are too afraid to back posts like this up.
Thanks for the educational check.

7:18 AM  
Anonymous mrs road captain said...

As a math person I know that statistics can be twisted to tell whatever story you want them to, so I am not going to nitpick any of the stats given here.

I would like to add another suggestion to the list at the bottom--practice safety maneuvers often (such as swerves and quick stops), and always keep up with training and education.

I have been riding for 3 years, and I just took a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Experienced Rider course. It did not teach me any new information beyond the curriculum for the basic rider course I took when I was first licensed...but I had an entirely different perspective this time around. It gave me the opportunity to test the limits of my bike, and to focus on the finer points that were beyond my grasp 3 yrs back because I had to spend so much focus on simply operating the bike. The info/technniques transferred from the cobwebs of my brain to actual practice. It was an extremely valuable experience, and I plan to repeat the course every few years to keep my skills up. I highly recommend the same for all serious riders.

11:36 AM  
Blogger Ciscorides said...

What a crock!! Keep it up you wowsers and there won't be any balls left on any biker in Oz.
I 've ridden all manner of bikes for 40 years, ridden around Oz , raced, travelled thru Asia on a bike and I'm tired of these bullshit statistics being flogged by nobbs on the net. Most motorcycles deaths are caused by arseholes in cages and bad roads. You can make those figures match opinion you want to push. Just harden up you pussies!!!

9:02 PM  

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