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Koff & Trishes Easter

I received an email from Koff about his and Trishes visit to the Gold Coast, so I thought I would post it.

Easter Time, So I thought I would take Tiki down to the Gold Coast for some civilization and so contacted Steve and Denitta to see if anyone had a free bike I could ride as I could not take mine down due to all the stuff we had. I loath to borrow another mans bike but I was busting to ride with my friends on the Coast again A few days later Beaker emailed me and kindly offered his Suzuki GSX 1400, To say this monster bike is a freak-machine on steroid's is putting it nicely. It is super quick! and would easily put the wind up me if I so choose to open that throttle..... I didn't. Two reasons, first- it's not my bike, Second- I was just plain SCARED. I hit the 145kmh mark to overtake a couple of times but that was it as I have done that on mine plus more. We took off from Steve and Denitta's place to pick up Dodge who insisted the night before that he wanted to come, (I new he wouldn't) so off we went for a good lazy ride around the Redland bay and Cleveland area. A thirst was developing with us boys so we headed for the Wellington Point pub, I won't mention Steve's name but our ride leader got lost so although I was the "out of town guest" I had to hit the lead and head for the Cleveland Point pub, A beer to wash the spud wedges down and then home to watch the Rugby at five. A short ride but great to catch up with some good people and ride again, Shame my mate Beaker was over in Borat-land. I had to ride the bike back to my Mum's place and I sent Tikis blue Toyota outside for the night while the Suzuki got the carpeted garage to sleep in for the night, Priorities girl! Many thanks to Steve and Denitta for a great days ride and a beaut Dinner back at their place that night.Many thanks to the big fella Beaker for the loan of his rocket on wheels, what a bike! Thanks Mate. Koff. (keep it up.... the girls like it that way)

Well done guys - I am so envious!!



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