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Bits For My Zook

I'm back!! Finally got the chance to fit some of the parts that I had ordered whilst away and the Zook looks a lot better now.

My right wrist was copping a bit of a flogging on some of the longer rides - the smaller grips on the GSX combined with the different seating position compared to the VTX contributed to that. I decided to get hold of a throttle lock to provide some relief. The Kaoko throttle lock that I ordered was a little more expensive than the widely used Vista Cruise throttle lock, but in my opinion is a much better looking option and easier to fit. As simple as removing the bar end weights and replacing with the one supplied. The lock itself is activated by screwing in the same direction as throttle on - with a little practise it can be done in the one action. For release it is just a matter of screwing in the throttle-off direction. A really great product that I would recommend to anyone considering giving their wrist some temporary relief.

I finally got around to fitting the seat cover that I purchased before Christmas from Bootleg Bike Seats in the UK. Roy was kind enough to make it up and then send it down to me for a fantastic price and his service was great. Kat took it down to John Moorehouse whilst I was away and got him to fit it for $30. It is a bit lairy but I reckon it looks great and is much more appealing than the standard black cover.

The final item I fitted was a chrome cover for my oil cooler that I purchased from Aussie Street Fighters - whats a bike without a bit of chrome??

I did manage to get a ride in with all the guys, but will post that in a few days.

Throttle lock

Some chrome

The flamin' seat cover

View from the top

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Anonymous swag said...

That's a great looking bike man! First time I've seen it.

2:00 PM  
Blogger Beaker said...

Thanks Swag!! I don't understand why Suzuki never sold the GSX1400 in the US.

11:48 AM  
Blogger IronChef said...

Looking good!


5:50 PM  

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