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Inconsiderate? Well I Don't Think So

I was making my way home from work yesterday and decided to follow behind a Shadow that was heading in the same direction as me - I always try and position myself with other bikes when commuting so that I am sure that we as riders can be seen. The Shadow rider was moving at a steady pace through the traffic, changing lanes regularly and I was following - on about three or four occasions I decided to pass the Shadow, simply to better position myself so I could see further ahead.

At the next set of lights I again followed this bike as it filtered it's way to the front - on take off it took one lane, following a car, and I took another. Because I had no one in front of me I once again passed this bike. I pulled up at the next set of lights and was then joined by the Shadow rider. What happened next really amazed me - the rider questioned me as to why I was always taking "their line" and that I was really inconsiderate! Whoa!! I was shocked! I did not respond and just stared straight ahead, waiting for the lights to change. Every time I passed this rider they were not indicating to change into my lane and so thought nothing more other than positioning myself so I could see ahead - I do not believe that I had done anything wrong. I did not know this person and obviously did not know what they ride like - I was more concerned with the cars around me rather that watching this rider for their every movement.

We as riders need to work together and not against one another - I kept away from said bike for the rest of my journey home, but was left feeling very alone as a rider out on the road. I am not a mind reader and I am never going to be able to watch your every little move whilst travelling in traffic, so to you my friend I say sorry for upsetting you - I will make sure that I keep well clear of you on the road, should our paths cross again.

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Blogger Earp said...

Happens all the time, those that only use their bike 1 weekend a month think that we all ride staggered file and are mind readers. Its not to bad if they know what they are doing where this person obviously didn't.

Breaker you will get used to it, pretend you are a duck and let those sort of commands go.

12:44 PM  
Blogger KT Did said...

Good choice to stay clear from him in the future... he sounds to dangerous for me. If he can't even signal to you, he's one of those who make a bad name for riders. You did well.

5:19 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

You should have told them to kiss your ass!

9:22 AM  

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