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HSV R8 - wow!

I had a little bit of a run yesterday arvo with one of these R8's and faaark, they go!!

I was on my way home from a mates place and came to a set of lights, so I lane split to get to the front. I pulled up right in front of this silver 6.0litre HSV R8 and didn't think anything more of it, with a Yamaha R1 pulling up just after me. Now I thought this guy on the R1 would take off and leave me for dead so I there was no way I was gonna play with him. Then the lights turned green. The R1 did take off but then took a right hand turn into a carpark just after the lights - no probs. I looked in my mirrors and all I could see was the bonnet of this huge, silver R8 right up my ass, so I thought bugger you mate, and opened her up....still looking big in my mirrors....into third and bloody hell he's still there and still as big. Into fourth and now was the time to go...I gave her a fistful....the R8 was still there but very, very slowly getting smaller.

I then realised that I was being a bloody idiot and so backed right off to the speed limit just before hitting fifth gear, and for the next couple of minutes this guy was all over my ass end wanting to play some more, until he turned onto the motorway. I don't know if it had been further modified since leaving HSV (supercharged?) but the acceleration of it was awesome and a lot better than I had ever thought they were capable of.

I have never had a four wheeler be able to stay so close to me in a straight line, especially one of this size. Gees they have some get up and go. And yes, I realise what I did was stupid, especially along Wynnum Road on a Saturday afternoon, but......well....



Blogger Earp said...

I know the feeling Breaker, its hard to obey all the laws all the time and we need to strech our legs just alittle sometimes....then again streching my cruiser isn't much to talk about :)

Never liked the old crappy-door that was till my wife went and brought a 2002 vx aclaim. Must admit it is better than I expected and the hsv's are looking better and better although they are now horse power limited from the factory.

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