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Ride Free Adam

I went to a funeral yesterday arvo, the first I have been to since my old man died 11 years ago. The chapel was overflowing and the service was really moving, but it was so well done. Adam Sutton was only 26 - he lost his life doing what he loved - his bike left the road near Bairnsdale in Victoria. He was returning from Phillip Island with his old man and some mates.

I didn't know him that well, but I had ridden with him on the Honda Fours Tin Can Bay weekend for the past two years - the last time I saw him he was asking me about the GSX and considering getting one to replace his old green CB750. He sat on it and I think he had made his mind up then and there! Apparently he did end up getting hold of a new GSX about 3 months ago and that is what he went out on.

From what I knew of him he was a really nice bloke and it was hard watching his loved ones and his mates deliver their eulogies.

Remember your loved ones and ride safe.



Anonymous Lisa Edward said...

Only 1 week ago, I found out about Adam's death. I loved him so much, and I miss and think of him EVERYDAY!! He was a good bloke and I'm glad his funeral was huge because he deserved it!! Love Lisa

1:26 PM  
Blogger Sue Sutton said...

It has been almost 4 years now and it continues to get harder every day. Even though you would consider me biased because I am his Mum I lost my best friend that day. We were so close and he would confide in me all the time. I truly miss the special relationship that we had. He was an awsome son my only son. RIP Ad Gone too soon. Love Mum xxxxxx

6:50 PM  

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