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Pink Ribbon Ride 2007

The annual Pink Ribbon Ride organised by WIMA was held on Sunday and a few of us took part. More than 1000 bikes assembled in the Griffith Uni car park for the short 50km ride down to the Bearded Dragon Hotel at Tamborine Village. Lots of pinked-up bikes and riders getting together to raise funds for a great cause, however, I will not be participating in it again unless the format changes somewhat.

I understand that finding a muster point to fit 1000 odd bikes is hard, but Griffith Uni is such a pain to ride out of in a large group. The cops were forced into breaking the bikes up into smaller groups for release out on to the SE Freeway, because there was a fair bit of traffic. We decided to sit at the back and so waited the 30 to 40 minutes for all bikes to leave. Once out on the motorway it became a fight for position with all the traffic, and when not riding in a large group this can become a little dangerous.

Once we turned off the M1 at Exit 38 for the journey out to the Bearded Dragon, the ride improved, but it was then only 30 odd kms, so what's the point? I just think that it is now too big to continue in it's current format and the organisers need to seriously review both the muster point and the route to keep people interested. For me, the ride is way too short and the start time of 10am is too late, forcing the riders to contend with Sunday traffic on the motorway.

If it remains the same next year, I will just give em the $10 and take off for a decent ride.

On a more positive note, I finally got to meet Connie, the lady who purchased my re-birthed VTX from Eddie and Dodge. She seems nice and from what I saw knows how to handle a bike, so I assume we will be seeing more of her and my old X on some of our rides. Unfortunately she was not riding it on Sunday due to a bad batch of watery fuel she copped so was on Eddie's VTX bling-bike.

Eddie's Place - Connie, Lyn and the Grasshopper in his getup

The queue of bikes waiting to register for the ride

Lotsa bikes

The crew

Some of the getups

Love those uggys mate!

A couple of gals

...even the blokes were into it!

Pink flag?? No way!

At the Bearded Dragon



Blogger KT Did said...

You guys down under really tear it up on the Pink!! Love it!! Its refreshing to see men like "Grasshopper" supporting our breastesessssss!
By the way--- I love the scrotum! I will wear it with fond rememberance of a life gone by--Ha :)!

11:54 AM  
Blogger Beaker said...

Yeah, the Grasshopper is a bit of a dude - he actually pimped his bike up last year and looked great. Glad u got the roo scrotum!!

6:17 PM  
Blogger IronChef said...

Yikes huge queue!

10:52 PM  

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