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I haven't really felt the need to buy too much bling for the GSX, unlike the VTX. However, there was one thing that I decided she really needed - an LED rear light that incorporated the indicators. This would allow me to remove the standard type stork indicators and really tidy up her rear - and believe me, there is nothing sexier than a nice rear end.

Fitting the unit was a piece of cake once I removed the rear tail section of the bike - this turned out to be a bit of a pain due to the plastic retainer clips for fastening the under tray. The previous owner used screw type fasteners instead of the standard, easily removable clip type and so it was a bit of a job getting my hand in to secure the nuts. Once the tail section was off, the light fitment was simple - unscrew the stock unit and replace with the new LED unit. The light wiring was a simple plug but for the indicators, I did need to use resistors to stop the fast flash you usually get with LED's. Luckily I did have LED stork type indicators on the rear previously and so I was able to use the resistors from these.

All up a simple and cheap mod that really makes these bikes look 100% better.

This is the factory look for the rear end with all that plastic and the standard indicators

This is the cleaned up look of my rear - mmmm

She looks real sexy now!!

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Blogger IronChef said...

I like it, nice and clean. Is there any reflector in that rear light, ie red reflector when light is off.

10:55 PM  
Blogger Beaker said...

No mate I currently have no reflector but am looking at my options. Would prefer to keep it clear and place the reflectors elsewhere on the rear of the bike.

6:53 AM  

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