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SMART Training

Finally got around to completing the SMART full day rider training on Saturday. Kat & I did previously attend but were not allowed to participate due to the condition of my tyres.

We arrived, registered and then gathered in a conference room at the Gold Coast City Council chambers at Bundall, where we were welcomed by the five HART trainers and then provided with some basics on positioning, cornering, risk management and maintenance. They then went through the agenda for the day - we would be covering some of the best and most popular roads in the hinterland on a fantastic day for riding, and would be split into groups of four or five so that we could be observed. All up there were 24 bikes including cruisers, tourers and sporties but only two of us were riding with pillions.

We headed out to our bikes in the car park for the first of a number of demos on braking - one of the guys went through the advantages of front versus rear brakes and covering your brakes in readiness. He then started showing off with some front wheel stoppies in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the front brakes - I gotta say they weren't too bad either!! We then split into groups with our designated trainers and set off.

We were able to use these great roads to practice what had been discussed - positioning, braking, cornering - I personally found it to be very well run and done as an open forum - no 'do as I say' but rather very positive and encouraging feedback. I did pick up that my approach to corners was too tight, and so limited my vision - by going in wide and exiting tight I am able to get a better view of the road further around the corner. It did take a little getting used to changing it, but by the end of the day, it was coming naturally. It was a real benefit for my riding. Well done guys, and a very, very big hats off to the Gold Coast City Council for making an effort to try and head off the sometimes reckless riding that takes place in the hinterland.

Unfortunately this was the last weekend it will be run until March of next year. I recommend that everyone try and do it - for $45 you get a shirt, cap, lunch as well as improving your riding skills - a bargain in anyones language!!

The route we followed

Stop 2 up near Springbrook

Stop 3 at Hinze Dam

Stop 6 at Upper Coomera

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Blogger KT Did said...

I, too, am looking forward to taking the Ride Like A Pro advanced course in the next month or two. Its good to keep up on the skills. Thanks for the info. Looks like a lot of people in your class too. How many to a class?

8:31 AM  
Blogger Beaker said...

All up I think there were 26 bikes - but that was with 5 instructors, so it wasn't too bad because we split up into our groups and received the attention of the one instructor.

Well worth it.

9:00 AM  

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