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A Ride South With Some GSX1400's

Well, Sunday wasn't looking too good - cloudy and a little cooler almost like it was gonna rain. I was hoping for sunshine as this was the first organised run Kat and I had done for a few weeks. We set off from my place at about 7:30am heading for the BP at exit 38 on the M1. It was here that we planned to meet three of the six GSX's for our south ride.

The ride down the motorway was non-eventful, although we did pass through a radar at well over the speed limit - just lucky that we don't have plates on the front! Saw a few more cops than usual on the way to our destination, but we always knew this would be the case due to the start of school holidays.

We pulled into the BP just before 8, grabbed ourselves a couple of coffees and spent a bit of time watching another group of about 30 bikes (and a scooter) gather and then take off. After a while the other three GSX's showed up - Tyruss, grungenut and cruzzo. We said our g'days and then headed off, following the Beaudesert-Beenleigh Rd and then turning onto the Mundoolin Link Rd, arriving in Canungra just as the sun decided to break through, about 9:30. A great little squirt. We spent a short while waiting, catching up with ODF and then Michael. Our original plan was to ride over the border via Numinbah, but once we were all there, we decided to alter that and take the road to Rathdowney then over the border via Lions Rd.

The ride from Canungra to Rathdowney was nothing too special - a lot of flat straight roads with not too much traffic. Once we rode into Rathdowney we regrouped and took a left hand turn at the servo, opposite the pub, and proceeded onto Lions Rd. Not far up, we passed a cop car sitting on the side of the road with occupants sitting on the bonnet and observing the traffic pass. We made our way up the track and pulled over at the lookout for a few pics. This road is fantastic to ride with lots of tight and undulating sections, but I had Kat on the back so was forced to take it a little easier than usual and we became the tail enders. The only thing I don't like are the numerous cattle grids, which become very slippery when wet.

We pulled into the lookout just over the border for a couple of pics and then preceeded on towards Kyogle - the road decends then flattens out a little and becomes a a lot easier to ride with a pillion, but you still need to be on the ball coz it's not that wide. We rolled into Kyogle at about midday and headed straight to the Commercial Hotel for lunch. I caqn highly recommend this place for lunch - a burger that would usually feed two, and it was spot on!!

After finishing lunch, most of the guys wanted to get home in a hurry to see the Moto GP and Stoner ride, so they took the road to Mt Lindsay. Michael and us two took the road back to Murwillumbah, and ya know what? I reckon they missed the best part of the ride. We had a great time on the climb, decent and then lengthy run to Uki. It's just such a pity that the good bit of the road is a little chewed up from the trucks that use it. Anyway, we enjoyed it.

We got to Murwillumbah and then joined the M1 heading north with the rest of the weekend traffic. Michael peeled of at Mudgeereeba where he lives and we continued the 70kms back to my place. We were exhausted at the end of it, but happy as!

Canungra on a busy Sunday morning

Nice asses!!

Three blue & whites and three blacks

Us fellas and our bikes at the Lions Rd lookout

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