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Lucky Dodge

I got a call on Saturday night from Grizz informing me that Dodge had come off his bike and was being airlifted to Bundaberg Hospital. Apparently Steve, Denitta and Dodge were planning to head out towards Kingaroy for a bit of a look but instead decided to pay Koff and Trish visit up in Biloela. Not far from Monto, Dodge took off from Steve and Denitta and they lost sight of him - they rounded a curve onto a straight section of road and could see something smoking off in the distance. As they closed in on it they realised it was Dodge's Speedmaster and he was off to the right laying on the edge of the road.

They told me that they when the got to him and that he had lost consciousness, but still had his eyes open - thankfully, he was breathing (won't go into the gory detail). They called an ambulance and waited for it to arrive. In the meantime, Koff had decided to ride out from Biloela to meet them, not knowing what had happened. He told me that he came across them on the side of the road with a couple of other people who had stopped to help and that Dodges bike was really burning up, so hot that parts of it had begun melting.

Anyway, Dodge was taken to Monto Hospital and they then decided to fly him to Bundaberg. Turns out that he has a broken arm, dislocated wrist, missing front tooth and some pretty bad road rash - he may well have more that that, I am still not sure. Luckily, he was moved down to Brisbane late last night and is now in the RBH. I will be dropping in to see him this arvo. He has only just got over his last incident - from the sounds of it he is a very, very lucky lad.

The one thing that has really stuck with me about this is that while we, the people I regularly ride with, may not talk every week, we have all since spoken and Dodge now has our support - everyone has a part to play, even if it is only going to see him in hospital. I will post updates of his progress.

It seems to have been a really bad weekend on the roads in SE Queensland, not only for Dodge but others as well - in the forums that I regularly visit I have read posts about three other bikers going down in the Gold Coast hinterland and on Mt Mee - no fatalities as far as I know, but a rider down is always one too many! Please stay alert and ride safe.

Went and saw Dodge last night (Monday) at the Royal Brisbane Hospital - I could not believe how good he looked for someone who came off a bike at well over 100kmh with an open face helmet and no gloves or leather jacket!! He was walking around no problem and besides having both arms in plaster, a missing tooth and a few scratches, he is in good spirits. I spoke at length with him about riding and whether he was going to continue - initially he felt that his luck was up and that he would give it away, but after thinking about it he said he will continue, although at a slower pace. I took a few pics of him that I will post when I can.

In good usual

Oh yeah....what a picture!!

Another Update....
Went and saw Dodge again last night (Thursday) - the road rash on his face is healing real quick and he seems to be doing fine. Saw a scan of his left wrist - gees, it looks real messy! You get some idea of what it's like by checking it out in the first pic below - ouch! Anyway, hopefully he will have plates inserted in it today and be out for the weekend. Dodge did say to thank everyone for their well wishes and a special thanks to Steve & Denitta as well as Koff for their assistance on site. Well done guys!

Stevo & Koff comfort him on the scene

Not too much left of the Speedmaster....

.....this is what it used to look like.

In the Bundy Hospital with Stevo and Koff

36 staples later......



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dodge is in great spirits just being his normal witty self. We love you heaps Dodge and looking forward to ridin soon love Panda n Griz

6:33 AM  
Blogger KT Did said...

Wow! Glad your friend Dodge is doing better! Its always good to have support from all when one is needing it and looks like you all are pulling together for him. That's why I love riders soooo muchhh! I am happy to hear he is alive and living!
Tell Dodge: with one tooth gone he can now use a straw for his martini--*joke*. (Hopefully it will make him laugh and recover sooner with a giggle:)

1:49 AM  

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