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Well I finally received my helmet camera yesterday. I decided to go for the Oregon Scientific ATC2K due to the fact that it is self contained (no wires or additional recording device required), water resistant and relitively cheap. I did do quite a bit of research on each of them but in the end decided to sacrifice some picture quality for convenience. For those interested, check this site out for people's reviews (both positive and negative) of this camera.

The major reason I purchased it now was to familiarise myself with it in time for our Tasmania trip in February of 2008. In the meantime I am planning to wear it on my daily commute into and out of the city, and will no doubt have lots of snippets to share, but hopefully nothing too major!

I would like to send a big, big thankyou to KTDid for arranging the purchase of it in the US and then sending it out to me.



Blogger Giest said...

Nice rig. Can't wait to see the results from it. I'm sure your videos will be quite interesting. ;) And yeah, KT rocks.

1:51 AM  

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