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Wednesday Heartstarter

Phew!!!!! Just got into work and my heart is till pounding away. About 20 minutes ago I was happily riding along Wynnum Rd passing through Morningside when it happened - a young guy driving a beat up old Magna decides to drive out of a shop carpark on the side of the road and directly into my path.

I saw him coming but thought he would pull up as nearly all do - uh uh. He just drove straight into my path, leaving me no time at all to brake. I prepared myself for the inevitable whilst swerving in an attempt to avoid him. Luckily I pulled right hard enough to miss the front of his car by about 6 inches and the median strip by about 12, whilst managing to stay upright. There was no other traffic around me, so fortunately I had an out! I just caught the look on his face as I passed and he looked surprised, as if he didn't know what I was doing there. I immediately slowed up and waited for him to pull alongside - the driver was just a kid. He immediately apologised to me whilst I "politely" informed him to take a little longer and look next time.

You know the worst thing about this - he didn't even bother to look for oncoming traffic - just drove straight out and almost put me out. Oh well....I'm still here!! Lesson learnt => always expect the unexpected.

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Anonymous Danny Ashton said...

Ouch your lucky there was no other traffic. Always expect the unexpected - Great advice. Just wish a few car drivers would - expect the expected!

9:37 PM  
Blogger Giest said...

Glad to hear that was a that was just a close call and not a 911 call. I've had that happen too many times myself.

8:26 AM  

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