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I didn't realize until last night....on my way into work yesterday morning the traffic was held up at Morningside, the spot where I had my close call from last week. I managed to get to the front of the traffic and it appeared to be a single vehicle accident in the wet & slippery conditions. Traffic was diverted around the scene through back streets, and I thought nothing more of it. Wasn't till I got home last night and caught a bit of the news that I realised what had happened.

A motorcyclist and a car had collided and unfortunately the rider did not survive. At the time that I rode past earlier in the day I was unable to see the bike as there were a couple of firetrucks restricting my view. The scary thing is that this happened in exactly the same spot that I was nearly KO'd last week - I don't know the details of how this accident happened but I do know that this part of road is very slippery in the wet due to the number of painted lines and the spots of diesel from the many trucks. My thoughts go to the riders family and friends - it is never easy when you hear news like this, and for me personally, it really brings life into perspective, especially as I nearly met the same fate in the same place just a few days earlier.

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Blogger KT Did said...

That is sad news and I am glad you had your "asphalt angels" surrounding you last week. The city should maybe look at that road for better maintainance. One life lost ... is one life too many.

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