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From The Mountains To The Sea

Kat & I did a shortish ride by ourselves on Saturday which was absolutely fantastic. The idea was for her to "wear in" her new helmet and jacket which she received for her birthday, nearly a month ago.

We set off from Kingscliff towards Murwillumbah and then up into the Border Ranges via Chillingham and along the Numinbah Valley. I have taken this route quite a few times before but have never done it from the south. The road surface is a little dodgy in some areas on the climb up, but once into Queensland it improves. One thing that surprised me was the traffic - or lack of. Here we were around midday on a Saturday on a dry and clear winters day and there were next to no bikes (or cars) on this route - I was amazed, but not dissapointed as it meant that we had the road to ourselves.

We stopped at the border gate for a while to take in the view and the silence - it was quite surreal standing along side a well travelled bike route and not hear anything but the wind. Riding this road is good, but it is even better when there is no one on it but you! Flatish with nice sweepers and further along there are some nice long straights that lead into tight hairpins making for some great riding. This is also one of the most heavily policed sections of motorcycle road on the coast, although we saw nothing of them. We followed this all the way to Advancetown where we then decided to head to the Hinze Dam. On arriving there we discovered that the route across the top of the dam wall has now been closed for some reason. We were planning to stop at the shop there for something to eat, but as it was on the other side of the blocked road we made the decision to head down to the beach instead.

We headed off towards Burleigh and into the traffic, travelling down to Broadbeach via Nerang and then along the Gold Coast Hwy. We found a cafe, Mermaids, right on the beach. I dunno whether they liked our leathers or not but we made ourselves at home on one of their lounges and grabbed a bite to eat whilst watching the surfers do their stuff. This place was sooo relaxing and a great way to unwind. After an hour or so of soaking up the view it was off towards Kingscliff and the end of another awesome day in Bikers Paradise.

Almost no traffic for the entire climb up into the mountains

The view over my dials

The countryside looks very dry

The GSX cuts a lonely figure on the side of the road

On the wall at Hinze Dam



Blogger KT Did said...

Geeeaaawwwd! Those mountains are beautiful!

2:59 PM  
Blogger Moose Gear said...

What a Nice bike. You've reached my dream. congratulations and enjoy it.

10:36 AM  
Blogger Kelly Renaul said...

Enticing views .....

5:01 AM  

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