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GSX On The Dyno

Well I had Monday and Tuesday off so I planned to get the bike dynoed on the Monday and ride on Tuesday - yeah right!!

Got to Springwood Suzuki at about 10 and Andrew was able to put the bike up and on almost immediately. After he set it all up he told me that he would zero the map in the PCIII and then start on the custom mapping. Cool, I thought!! After about half an hour and a few runs he came out of the bubble and told me there was a problem with the air/fuel ratio and needed to investigate further. I mentioned that I may have an issue with the fuel pump and so he checked the fuel pressure - turns out that the pressure dropped off significantly as the revs increased and so the bike was running very lean. He removed the tank and fuel pump and checked it all, cleaned what he could and then ran it again - same result. Andrew told me that it was pointless gong any further until we sourced a new pump - he also told me that a new one would set me back $1000 (bloody hell!!!!!) and there were none in the country that he knew of. He did a bit of ringing around looking for a second hand pump but couldn't come up with anything. I told him that I knew a place that may have one and so rang Victorian Motorcycle Wreckers where Snapey's (from the GSX forum) old 14 now resides. Lucky for me they still had the pump and so I got them to overnight it up to Springwood Suzuki - at about a 1/4 the cost of a newbie too! It was now obvious that I wouldn't be riding Tuesday and so decided to head home. They gave me a loan bike to get around on - a GS500 - and bloody hell I felt like a giant on it. So close to the ground - my knees were still bent with both feet planted on the ground.

Anyway, they rang me on Tuesday morning and told me that the pump was there and to come back in about 2 in the arvo to pick it up. I got down there about half 1 just in time to see Andrew doing the final run on it. After finishing up he told me that the replacement pump needed a bit of work (bent mounting bracket, clean out, etc) but it seemed to have fixed the pressure problem. The air/fuel ratio was now in the right range and so the extra 18 ponies finally showed up!

I kind of half expected there to be a problem with the pump because it had started sounding very sick when priming - instead of the smooth sound it usually makes it was kind of groaning and struggling. I am glad I took it to the dealer instead of just a dyno shop because the problem was fixed, although it did cost a bit! I watched Andrew on the dyno and he walked me through what he was doing, which I really appreciated. This issue also explained why I was able to get between 370 and 400kms a tank - I was running way to lean.

As I rode away from the shop I immediately noticed how much smoother it was down low - I gave her a bit of a tweak and wow, thats when I could really noticed the difference. It is like everyone else had told me - heaps smoother and with a rear wheel power gain of almost 20% under me, it felt sooo, sooo good!

From 100 up to 118hp - a pretty substantial power gain



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