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Bernie Smith - Rest In Peace

I try to take a realistic view of life riding a motorcycle....the great times on the road, the friendships along with the risks we all take. On this last Monday an accident occurred where a guy (Bernie Smith from the Coomera Cruisers) lost his life while riding to work on a quiteish section of road at Oxenford on the Gold Coast, and that kind of shook me a bit. I didn't know him, but it really made me stop and think that it can happen anywhere, any time - I also thought of his family and friends, and what they must be going through right now.

I heard about the accident on the news but was made more aware of it through one of the forums that I hang around on. I read a post that was written by someone who was on the scene immediately (it is a little graphic)....

(I had initially posted what I read but have since removed it from here by request of a family member)
My thoughts go out to Bernie's family as well as the Coomera Cruisers at this time.

Something that I found a little concerning was a report of the accident that appeared in the Gold Coast Bulletin. It included an interview with one of Bernie's friends who was clearly upset over what had happened and according to the gutless reporter-with-no-name, he threatened to "burn down the Gold Coast Bulletin offices if the paper accused Bernie of being at fault". Why did they have to publish that?? The guy is upset over the death of a mate and annoyed at the constant media hype over "crazy motorcyclists" - talk about trashy, cheap-ass reporting by someone who won't put their name to a story.

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