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Uhlans Gold Coast Poker Run

Kat & I met up with Grizz and Panda and did the Black Uhlans Poker Run down the Gold Coast on Saturday. We arrived at the Burleigh Tavern at about 10am on an overcast and cold Saturday morning to find about 200 bikes already there. On our way in to buying our hand we bumped into Wolf - was a little surprised to learn that he is now a nom for the Uhlans, and he was running around like a blue ass fly. A group of about 20 Finks pulled in just after us - this was the first time I had ever seen them on a run, and of course there was a cop car sitting across the road with a video camera recording what was happening - really don't understand why they do this, as it does nothing to help relations between them and the clubs.

Anyway, the ride got underway about 10:30 and we headed onto the motorway and south to the border - the traffic passing through Tugun was heavy and all used whatever space they could to filter through to the front of the traffic. Once over Sexton Hill, the pace picked up and it was a pretty smooth run on to the Tumbulgum Tavern. We spent about half an hour here, picking up our card and then finding a place to keep warm. And surprise, surprise - another cop car cruised pass the pub a few times and then parked a little way down the road, keeping an eye on the proceedings for a while before dissappearing.

The call went out and we were back on the road heading out to the highway and then north across the border to the Treetops Tavern at Burleigh Waters. This is where lunch was provided and after picking up our card, finishing our meal and downing a couple of drinks we made our way out to the car park. The sun had finally appeared and we decided to soak it up while checking out some of the other bikes. After about an hour the call went out to prepare - we made our way down to the bikes and were on our way.

Back on the road and heading to Nerang, where we left the highway and made our way to a "pub" (industrial unit) along Lawrence Drive. Didn't even know this place existed! It was too small for the number of people in tow so our stay here was only long enough for a quick drink and a bit of time to get the next card.

South along the highway again and back down to Burleigh where we exited for the final time and headed for the Uhlans clubhouse. This is where the fun started - a request went out for cars/bikes interested in participating in the burnout comp and after a bit of persuasion a few entries were found. A young guy driving a white ute provided a great warmup - he managed to slowly move towards, alongside and then past the crowd on the footpath, all the while smokin his back tyres - I reckon he spent a lot more in rubber than the $100 prize money he ended up with. Then the bikes rolled out - one of the Finks took off down the road on his back wheel, turning and then doing the same on his way back. He was a big fella and the bike didn't look all that grunty but man he put on a show, although he was a bit of a let down in the burnout comp.

Once this finished it was inside for the awards - freaked me out when my rego was called for Best Jap, mind you there wasn't too much competition from other sports/tourers on the day. I actually had to go out and check my rego before returning inside and claiming the award.

The day ended on a pretty good note - the ride itself I felt was a let down. I thought we would have kept away from the highway and covered some of the better but less travelled roads, however it was not to be. Thankfully the action at the clubhouse went part of the way to making up for the ride.

The car park at the tavern.

Gettin' ready to roll

Heading off....

Main street in Tumbulgum, our first stop

Nice paint

A few of the Uhlans and Finks enjoying a warming ale

Another shot of the pub, which is right on the Tweed River

More bikes...

They don't seem to be able to leave the patch clubs alone

Nice helmet

This bike looked better in the flesh - the blue and white colour mix was great

Midnight Warrior - I really, really like these!

One of a few choppers on the ride

Out front of the Treetops Tavern where we stopped for lunch

...another shot out front of Treetops

Ghost like shadows in the smoke

This bloke took off on his back wheel

....and away up the street he goes!

Whoa there man, pull her in, pull her in!

Some of the rubber left on the road

Look what the GSX won but didn't even realise till later on - I keep forgetting the rego!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its me plankton! Im back, while away from tweed with my wife an kids a man smashed our home. Text us 0457289336 = Thank's Friends.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

His name is Zac Roe,he smashed your house he also also put a gun in our dear friend Dennys face then bashed him!

4:13 PM  
Blogger ryan fm3 said...

Ryan from Adelaide. im organising FM3 with rebels and uhlans and new H A, new COMS, and new Uhlans. I still like black fellas. im want my property at Glenelg back and I need to get my money to fund FM3. this is not for everyone so don't associate if you don't want to though we will give back up when you need some. im trying to make allies with Jokers and Mongols. id like to keep the peace between clubs and make legit money on the Adelaide stock market to get us all rich. legit money means that the police cant takeaway your assets.Im hoping to be remembered by black uhlans from gold coast. made some friends over the decades and need to hear from club pres. Im from bono 1977. and he sent me to ride with gypsy jokers Steven Williams for 20yrs to keep the peace and do business. I want my life back and FM3 is the future. need to hear from uhlan pres. also. I miss spelled your club name on other clubs web page sorry. Not scared of police and john from New South Wales at godger st is gone
forever. I've put up with Adelaide mars bar police and they took what's mine. FM3 will get back what they stole. black fellas are living at my place at Glenelg and they are my friends. I need somebody to contact Damien and Ange and say Ryan doesn't hate them. I want to go home its been ten years. I still like all black fellas all black fellas don't have to like me. from FMC, H A, REBS, UHLANS, NEW H A, NEW COMS, and NEWHLANS.

12:10 AM  

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