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A sign of things to come??

Have a look at this - it is called a Monotracer, is produced in Switzerland by a company called Peraves and is available for sale. I personally don't like it, although I would love to take one for a spin to see what they handle like. However, I find it hard to understand why you would want to be closed in on two wheels - may as well jump in your car.

The power comes from a BMW built 1170cc liquid cooled in line four using shaft drive, so it certainly would have a bit of grunt. Although the website doesn't disclose too much on the side wheels, I believe that they operate via a speed sensor and drop to support the hybrid (similar to what has been developed for the GoldWing) as it comes to a stop. These wheels also protect the cabin if dropped or leaning too far. It offers most of what you can get in a car, except it is controlled by handlebars. It does have a second seat for a pillion, but it looks very claustrophobic.

Trendsetter maybe, but not very appealing to the biking community in my opinion.



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