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What the........?

I noticed a link to the following story from Seattle in the USA on the GSX forum and just had to post it here. This is unbelievable.....what kind of idiot would do this???

My wife and I were driving home last night, after spending the weekend on Lopez Island with some friends. After getting off the freeway, we were approaching the light at 175th and Meridian, when I see a guy on a motorcycle coming down the hill (eastbound on 175th) with a fullsize van barrelling down behind him. Before I could even think about what was about to happen, it happened. The van went right through him and sent the motorcylist off the bike and rolling to the ground.

The van continues right down without even braking the hill without losing momentum and takes a left (northbound) onto Meridian Ave. I look up the hill and see the rider getup and run out of the street, with a dozen cars stopped around him. "Holy fucking shit" - My wife and I cannot really believe what we are seeing. Seeing that the guy was apparently okay (not dead, at least) and that there were several people around, I take off after the van. My wife immediately gets on the phone with 911.

After 20 blocks and one red light, the guy finally pulls over . . . R6 still planted in grill.

A big truck pulls in front of him, another behind, and I pull up on his left. A couple of tough looking dudes come out of the truck and start yelling at the guy . . . I notice that they are both armed with pistols. They reach in and pull the keys and continue to yell at the guy. At this point, I'm feeling very weird about putting my wife and I right next to a confilct involving guns. I then notice that they have badges on necklaces as they drag the driver out of the van by his hair. Red and blue lights arrive on the scene.

After giving the po po a statement and our contact info, we drove back to the scene of the accident and saw the paramedics putting the stretcher into the ambulance. The guy had been wearing a leather jacket, helmet, & jeans. From what I could see of his legs, there wasn't really any road rash. They had him on a board with a neck brace, which I'm guessing is standard procedure, so hopefully he will come away from all of this okay.

The whole thing was really disturbing for both my wife and I. I thought about it in terms of how I viewed this "as a motorcyclist" and realized that it mattered very little. Of course I can relate a bit more in terms of my own fears (and the fears my wife must have about me riding), but really, it was about witnessing such a foul excuse for a human being. It could have been a cyclist, a pedestrian in a crosswalk, or even another cager forced to swerve into a tree. This guy was on a mission and had absolutely no regard for anybody he was injuring or endangering. Had I never put a leg over a bike, I don't think my reaction would be any different.

The fact that there were undercover cops on the scene seems like a hell of a coincidence. I'm thinking that they may have already been following the guy for something else. We overheard them saying "we couldn't pull him over", which is obvious given their lack of lights and siren. Did they mean before or after the crash?

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