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Touring Tasmania

Been thinking about a ride I have been wanting to do for a few years now - Tasmania. Have been talking with Kat and some of the guys about the possibilty of doing it in February of 2008 and as a few are interested, I have started my research. There doesn't seem to be that much info on motorcycle riding in the apple isle, so to start with I have been concentrating on web logs of peoples experiences. This one is a good place to start - Heaven Is A Motorcycle In Tasmania.

Will be looking to spend around 10 to 12 days there and staying in pub accomodation. Would like to cover most of the good roads and some of those not so well travelled. I have sent a couple of emails off to the MRA down there and hope to get some good info from them. Anyone who can help with suggestions on accomodation or roads to ride/avoid, please contact me.

Map of Tassie!!



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