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Dodgey Knee

I went round and visited Dodge last night. He is currently staying with Eddie and Lynne as he is not that mobile - bloody hell he's gettin' well looked after too. He is recovering well with the pain in his back slowly going and his knee, while still puffy from the operation, looks to be on the mend. Does look pretty gruesome though with all the staples in it!!

Dodge's left knee showing all the staples from his reco

He contacted his insurance company beginning of the week and they have already had an assessor out to check his bike out. Their verdict was that it is repairable, so it looks like the Triumph was not a write-off after all. Dodge reckons that they should start work on it after the Easter break - will probably be ready to roll again before he is!!!! Obviously he is fairly keen to get back in the saddle, but I can't see him on it again for at least a few weeks - still at least another week or two till he can put any weight on it.

As a sideline, isn't it funny how both Steve's and Dodge's Trumpy's are in the shop at the moment?? Go the Triumph's, hey Dodge!!!



Blogger KT Did said...

Yikesaramaaa! Hope he heals well! On another note, we had a hit and run on the Bay Bridge. A 52 seasoned rider was hit on the right side and thrown from his bike. Killed him. The driver kept driving and ran from his car. Bastard. Glad your friend is well. Best Wishes to him!

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