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Power Commander On Zooki

I have always had a bit of an issue with my GSX in the 2 to 3k rev range - kind of like it is transitioning from idle to full on with very little in between. Due to this, the ride around town has been rough and ready with a fair bit of spluttering included as well.

Last night I finally managed to get around to fitting the Power Commander that I had purchased before Easter off eBay. I was lucky enough to be contacted by a guy in Sydney who wanted to sell me his, after he saw that I had bidded for one but lost. Only wanted $220 for it because it was a serial type and not USB, so I gladly took his offer up. Another $200 for a dynotune and I should be able to squeeze another 20 odd gee gees out of her!!!!

Anyway, the fitment of it took all of five minutes. I plugged her in to my laptop and then loaded a map that would best suit my Yoshi/K&N set up till I can get her dynoed. I let her idle for a while but it still seemed to be runnning a little rough but I thought I would leave it and see how it goes on the ride into work.

Well this morning was a slightly different story. I started her up for my ride into work. The idle was a lot smoother, but I just thought it was me thinking it was. Out towards the road and immediately noticed that the spluttering that always occured as I rode out of my complex was not there. I rode her with a little trepidation to the first set of lights listening for any sign of the splutter, but it seemed to be gone along with the often jerky throttle transition in the lower rev range. At the lights I thought I would open her up a little as there was no traffic around - wow. I experienced the "hanging by your hands" sensation that I have heard a lot of GSX owners talk about. I was very surprised that it would make this much difference while still yet to be dynoed and mapped accordingly.

It was amazing - even better was the fact that there apears to be no more spluttering and jerkyness in that 2-3k transition zone. Will give it a real go on the way home tonight and see how she performs.



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