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Lethal Weapon

I finally picked the GSX up yesterday from Springwood Suzuki after 40 days without a bike of my own. Have only ridden 50 odd kms but I can tell already I am going to have to think a little harder before twisting my wrist. Compared to the VTX, this bike is just so easy to reach the speed limit on and because it happens so quick, you don't really notice. With only a single point left on my license until early next year I must exercise a lot of restraint.

This bike absolutely flies. I now feel like I am on a lethal weapon and just need to let the moments of madness pass. I must admit though that it does feel sensational to be back on the road!! Really looking forward to some decent riding now.



Blogger Biker Betty said...

Awesome!!! Congrats on your new ride and wishing you many ticketless miles ahead.

4:46 AM  
Anonymous gd said...

A lot better than the buell hey

5:10 PM  

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