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Dodging Traffic - Not!

For those of you that were not aware, our little road warrior, Dodge, had a bit of an off on Sunday evening. He was heading in towards the city with Eddie and one of Eddie's mates when a car decided to turn across in front of him at a set of lights on Main Street at Wooloongabba. From what Dodge told me, there was a car turning right from his side and a car heading in the opposite direction also wanting to turn right. Because the driver could not see the traffic heading towards her, she just decided to gun it through the orange light assuming there was no traffic, but unfortunately collected Dodge.

He hit the front left fender of the car and luckily flew onto the bonnet and then onto the road - could have so easily been straight into the pillar a second later. He had absolutely no skin off - considering he didn't have a jacket on, I would say he is very lucky. When he did hit the ground on the other side, he damaged his left knee and his back. He told me that he felt like he could not breath for "ages" - he struggled for air and finally was able to take in very small amounts. A few people assisted him at the scene and he was taken the short distance by ambulance to the PA Hospital.

Anyway, he ended up with a fractured vertabra and a shattered knee - he was in a fair bit of pain when I saw him and is going in for a knee reco this morning, Tuesday. I am going to see him tonight to see how his knee turned out and will provide updates.

Our thoughts are with ya, mate.

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Anonymous gd said...

Man thats not good , Tell him i hope it all turns out OK , ps tell him to stop acting its only a couple of scratches J/K

11:01 AM  
Blogger KT Did said...

Damnnnn! I am glad he's okay. I swear... we all need to wear our helmet cams....He's ok.... how's the bike?

4:48 PM  
Blogger Beaker said...

G'day KT,

I haven't asked about the bike yet, but I assume it will be a total loss.

7:18 AM  

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