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Boonah & Maryvale

Think I will let the pics do the talking this week. All up there were seven bikes that left from Grizz & Panda's place on Sunday morning. We were joined on the ride by Koff's uncle over from New Zealand - he was on the Mean Streak while Koff was fortunate enough to borrow a schmiko $90k chopper from his very generous and trustworthy boss!

Was a great day, stopping for lunch at the Dugandan Hotel just outside of Boonah and then up Cunninghams Gap to the Crown Hotel at Maryvale!!

All pics were taken by Panda from the back of Grizz's bike - thanks mate. She is really producing some great shots - check out the one of the chopper on a lean.


The chopper - not too overdone - simple but sexy

Chopper and bikes

Chopper again

I just had to sit on it - man you are close to the road!

On the road

Koff looking the part

...and again

On one of the back roads

Dugandan Pub

Dunno what he's doing!!

Mmmm, nice bike!

Enjoying an ale or two

Clear the way - gotta get a picture!


Let's go

Cheers bro!!

Go the Zooki!!

Bum break at Moogerah Dam (more like a puddle)

What are you lookin at??

Like it says....


A peaceful setting


Oh yeah

Oh look - another one of those Trumpet thingys!

Dodge lost his hangover and assumed his usual place up front.

TDM power

Riding up Cunninghams Gap

Great action shot of the chopper

...and again

Show us ur tits!

Top of the range

Heading towards Maryvale

The two best bikes out front of the Crown - ok I am biased I know!!

The others parked in the shade

My Zooki!!

Sweet chopper!

Another cleansing ale



Blogger iwblogger said...

The photos are great and the weather look perfect. I enjoy the blog and will continue to read along.

8:06 AM  
Blogger Biker Betty said...

You have been getting some nice rides in with friends. Love reading all about them and enjoy the "warm" looking pictures, lol. We are starting to show signs of warming up a little. Will still get some of that white stuff, but it shouldn't be too bad now.

BTW: Your new bike is very sharp looking. Glad to hear it is working out for you and Kat.

6:43 AM  

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