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....still waiting.....

I think the insurance company is teasing me! I got a call on Friday from their assessor telling me that the VTX will be a total loss - a little sad but I am now really wanting to move on.

Anyway, I gave them a call this morning (just like I have everyday for the past week) and questioned what needs to happen now - seems that I now have to wait on the assessor to send the report to the insurance company and then they will determine the final outcome. A lot of my accessories were not listed on the policy and so they will not cover any of those that were damaged - lucky for me I don't think anything besides the bars were but the insurance company need to make sure.

I was hoping to get it finalised by the end of this week, but it doesn't look like it will be worked out until sometime next week - bugger! Oh well, at least I have the Buell to ride (thanks to Gam) and I am really starting to enjoy it too.



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