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New Bike On The Horizon??

It's looking more and more like the VTX will be written off after last weekends mishap. I got a quote from Team Moto at Springwood and they reckon $14,200 for repairs. Considering it's only insured for $13,500, I am pretty sure I will end up with the cash.

I have been lucky enough for a work collegue of mine to lend me her Buell XB9R to get around on. They are a very nice bike but I reckon you lean too far forward with a lot of weight on your wrists. It has sparked my interest in a more upright sports bike and I am going down to Springwood Suzuki tonight to have a ride on a GSX1400 - I want to compare what it rides like to the VTX and if it is good, I will probably go that way.

For what they are, I reckon the VTX is overpriced - the bike I am going to look at is an 04 GSX1400 with only about 20,000kms on it and some goodies included - the price is $10,999. Compare that to the 03 VTX I have been eyeing which is listed at $12,500 with 55,000kms - less bang for more bucks in my opinion.

The only issue that I do see with the GSX is the gear storage factor - I don't know what is available in the way of panniers/bags and I dont like those Givi top boxes.

Oh well - we will see.....

The GSX1400 I will be riding

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