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The Long Wait Is Over!

I finally got back and just couldn't wait to throw the leg over my baby.

Flew in from Adelaide on Saturday morning and Kat picked us up from the airport on another warm and sunny Brisbane day. We dropped my daughter off at her mothers place and then, after a bite to eat at my place we decided to head down to Kat's. I was to ride whilst Kat had to drive.

This was my first ride for nearly two weeks, the longest I have gone without riding for a couple of years. I got on and it was like I had never been away - she fitted like a glove. Took off and headed towards the motorway - a quick twist of the wrist and the bike felt like it had more power and was a little louder, but your mind can play tricks after a break from something you do regularly. The sun and breeze in my face again passing all those poor suckers in cars - man it felt good to be back in the saddle.

An hour and 110kms later I arrived at Kingscliff - I rode alongside the beach for a little and really enjoyed the sight of the emerald blue ocean and the bright white sand, especially after spending a few days in the dry and dusty Flinders Ranges down south. I then turned and headed back towards Kat's place where we ate and drank as I recounted my time away.

It was a good trip down to see family and friends, but it was even better to be home and riding again!



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