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Hot Saturday

Far out it was hot on Saturday! We started the day by meeting up with the others at Grizz's place to help him shift some stuff. Stevo, Dodge, Koff, Al, Kat and myself spent a few hours moving stuff around, finishing up just before lunch. It was hot work and the humidity made it even harder.

Once finished, we headed to the local to put back in what we had worked off and to also work out the ride plan for the arvo. We decided to head down Mt Lindsay Hwy and over the border to Woodenbong for lunch but after the initial stretch we realised it was just too far to wait and we were hungry, so we pulled in to the Beaudesert Pub for lunch instead. The meals here were excellent value - the rump was a meal on it's own, covering about three quarters of the plate and tasting spot on. Highly recommended if you are in the area. Anyway, while we were there we decided that it was just too hot to continue down the inland route and so decided to head up to the hinterland.

We took the Beaudesert-Nerang Rd through Canungra and then up the mountain to Beechmont. Once up higher, the air was cooler and this made for a very comfortable section of the ride. This road through both Beechmont and Lower Beechmont to Advancetown is one of the best roads in South-East Queensland - no matter how many times you ride it is always enjoyable. It is not a fast road especially for a cruiser - it is all about soaking up the views and enjoying the tight twisties on the way down to Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd, and they are fantastic. The surface is also in pretty good nick. Kat and I were at the back and decided to stop and get some pix - they weren't that spectacular - we should have stopped up the top. Anyway, the outlook from up there was pretty hazy - looked like smoke - but the views were still great. Once down the bottom we pulled into the Advancetown Pub for drinks.

We decided to then ride down the Numinbah Valley and over the border, stopping at Chillingham, so back on the bikes and away we rode. Dodge took off as he always does but we eventually reeled him in. The top part of this road runs alongside the Hinze Dam and has some nice fast sweepers with a few slower curves that cross numerous creeks flowing to the dam - it is also a popular place with plenty of sports bikes using it to open up and so there are usually cops about, but we failed to see any this time. The road took us through the valley and past the turn off to Natural Arch where it narrows, then over the border and into New South Wales. From the edge of the Border Ranges we followed the road decending into Chillingham - really nothing more than a General Store - and stopped for a drink.

Once done we again headed off, riding through a very hot Murwillumbah and ending up on the banks of the Tweed River at the Tumbulgum Pub. The ride from Chillingham to here was really nothing spectacular - some slower roads cutting through cane fields and finally on to the old highway. We spent just under an hour sitting out the front of the pub watching the ski boats pass and planning our upcoming long weekend ride. It was a great place to be - once the sun was hidden by the clouds the temperature dropped a little, providing relief from the heat of the day. I could have sat there into the night.

It was time to head home - we said our goodbyes and remounted for the last time, heading out onto the highway. After a short squirt Kat and I took the Kingscliff turnoff and arrived at her place about 4pm - it was a great ride but it was even better to get under the shower and cool off.

View of the Gold Coast

Kat overlooking the Gold Coast (and the powerlines!)

Kat, Koff & Grizz at the bottom of the Beechmont stretch

The crew at the Advancetown Pub

Chillingham Store

Yeah.....well enough said!

Alongside the Tweed waiting for Stevo to refuel

The route we took



Blogger Biker Betty said...

Sure sounded like a great day and a great ride despite the heat. Send some of that heat my way, lol.

10:24 AM  
Blogger Vinod said...

Oh, thats right...Its summer down under!!! Its winter here, miserable and cold....we could use some here up here!!!

12:54 AM  

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