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Got Time On Your Hands??

Check this link out from the Yamaha Japan website - Fun From Yamaha - Papercraft. Fun you say Mr Yamaha?? Yeah, well I dunno about that!

It really amazes me how the Japanese have the patience to create these works of art. Can you imagine having to design the patterns and work out how they should be laid out on a piece of paper?? They obviously have a long winter where they can't get out on the road. It looks as if they are planning on releasing a component every month for you to fold up - at least there is a little time provided for you to try to master the art of folding paper!!

I might try and make the engine for the MT-01 just to see how long it really does take - then again.....

(Cruising Down Under - 100th post)



Blogger Giest said...

congratulations on the 100th post!

i've been eyeing those paper crafts for a while now. that mt01 is the most complicated one i've seen thus far. still debating if i would have the patience to complete one...

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Pat said...

OMG Beaker how good is that very fiddly mmmmmm have they got one for the VTX, no doubt about the japanese clever little cookies

9:31 PM  

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