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Disc Lock Moment

Ever had one of those moments where you jump on your bike and take off, only to find that you forgot to remove your disc lock?? Well I did yesterday and I dropped the bike - AGAIN!

I had to take my daughter to the local hospital for a check up - nothing too serious - and as my bike was parked in an isolated area, I decided to use my disc lock. We went in, and about an hour later we were out. On returning to the bike I started it up, we put on our lids and I got on. Cass got on the back and after checking she was ready, we moved off slowly turning to the left. happened - the disc lock hit the brake caliper and the front end took a big dive.

Because I was slowly turning the bike and had extra weight on the back, it lurched to the left and down we went. I quickly slid out from underneath and got her upright. I made sure that Cass was alright, then removed the offending lock from my front disc. No injuries to either of us but the X wasn't so lucky - the clutch lever was bent slightly and the left rear turn signal housing was crushed. Fortunately, nothing too bad as I was able to cushion the fall. The left rear turn signal was damaged when I went down a couple of months ago, and so I had already purchased another second hand one - just hadn't fitted it.

So last night I spent some time replacing the damaged turn signal, all the while cursing myself for letting this happen. I usually check my front disc for the lock before jumping on the bike, but for some reason yesterday I didn't. Unlike a car, motorbikes are very non-forgiving and if you are not focussed, you pay the price. This time for me it was just a bruised ego and some minor damage.

Think I'll go out and buy one of these reminder-cables!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm glad no one got hurt though.

2:52 AM  
Blogger Biker Betty said...

I'm glad no one got hurt too. I've been thinking the disk locks would be a great idea if I get out and do more traveling around the state. If I ever do I will try and remember your lesson so I don't have to create my own.

4:22 PM  
Blogger Justin said...

I made the same boo-boo last night. I was chatting on the phone getting myself ready while I warmed up the engine - then just forgot to do that major step that I do every time I get on the bike! - snapped the end of my brake lever but nothing more than that really. I had to tell two helpful passers by never to tell anyone what they just saw!

7:27 PM  

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