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Barbwire Memorial Poker Run

Took part in the Barbwire Memorial Poker Run on Saturday that honours the Vietnam Vets that have passed on since service. My younger daughter Cass wanted to ride with me, so I picked her up from her mothers place and we headed to Logan Village on a beautiful spring morning to meet with the crew. Arrived there just as they were saddling up and so we stayed on the bike - a few minutes later we took off with about 12 other bikes heading to the Vietnam Vets MC clubhouse at Kingston.

We arrived and collected our first card at the gate on the way in - now I had never been to their clubhouse before and I was very impressed. Instead of the usual type of clubhouse and small outdoor area in an industrial unit, it was a large slice of land that bordered a creek with well kept grounds and a number of buildings. We hung around for about an hour and watched the bikes come in until it was time for the memorial service. Everyone gathered around the flags, names of past members were read and poppys laid in their honour. The Ode of Rememberance was then recited. Once the formalities had been completed, the ride captain addressed us all on our route and we then prepared to ride.

The first leg took us from the clubhouse and out onto the M1 for a short squirt down to Coomera and the Lost City. I was amazed at how many idiots in cars tried to push in to the group as we made our way towards the motorway - we even had a bus driver cut across in front of several riders as he drove through a roundabout. Once on the motorway, the group was split up due to the heavy traffic heading down the coast and it would not re-group until we took the exit at Coomera. We rode the short distance up to the Lost City Hotel, parked the bikes and went inside for our next card and a drink. This pub is relatively new with an Egyptian theme - it also has a great bar to watch footy in called The Dome with three giant screens.

The next leg was relatively short from the Lost City up to the Eagle Heights Pub. It is always nice up here - one of the best beer gardens with a sensational view of the Gold Coast. This was also the lunch stop, so we spent a while sitting around and talking and trying to stay out of the sun - it was really starting to warm up! After about an hour or so, the call went out to saddle up. We headed out into the carpark and prepared ourselves for a ride over Tamborine.

This part of the ride was nice and refreshing as it was a bit cooler up in the hinterland and there was a fair bit of shade on the way down. We headed through Mt Tamborine and then down the mountain to the Winderoo Tavern for our final stop. The drink couldn't come soon enough - it was now getting really warm and I, along with many others was starting to feel the effect. We made our way in, got hold of a drink and finally managed to get a card. The final call went out and we headed out to mount up for the last time.

The final leg took us from Winderoo out to the M1 and then a short ride north to the turn off for the clubhouse. We rode into the clubhouse at about 5pm and then headed in for a well deserved drink. Most others picked up their final card but I didn't bother coz my hand was no good for anything. We hang around for a while listening to the band and browsing the stall that had been set up and then finally headed home. The day was really, really enjoyable with perfect weather and a great route.

Just a small thankyou for someone special - I really appreciate the efforts of my daughter, Cass, who took some great pictures (over 200) from the back of my bike - my "little" girl rode with me for the whole day and didn't complain once (ok - maybe once) - I'm sure she is a future rider/photographer!!

The ride from Logan Village to the Vietnam Vetrans MC clubhouse.....

Entering the clubhouse grounds....

The clubhouse and surroundings.....

The memorial service....

The ride begins....

Back at the clubhouse after the ride....

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW WOW WOW!! Those are some great photos!!!

I really enjoyed them!!

7:58 AM  
Blogger Giest said...

great pics! and so many of them, loved it!

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

top day had by all at no rules no politics just riding and was just that tops, taffy

2:31 PM  

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