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Bloody hell mate - the Croc Hunter is dead....killed by a stingray and not a crocodile.

Steve wasn't only a warrior for animals and wildlife, nor was he just a quirky character on the TV. Everyone in Australia felt like they knew him personally because of his open manner and caring attitude. This is why he will be sorely missed. 20 million people in Australia and countless other millions around the world have lost a dear mate. And two little kids have lost their Dad just a day after Fathers Day.

Rest in peace Steve Irwin.

It is amazing how much of an effect Steve Irwin had on people, not only here in Australia but around the world. As the flowers and personal tributes pile up outside Australia Zoo, I thought it appropriate that I post this poem penned by a well know Brisbane wordsmith...


Endless visions fill my head – this man – as large as life
And instantly my heart mourns for his angels and his wife
Because the way I see Steve Irwin – just put everything aside
It comes back to his family – it comes back to his pride

His animals inclusive – Crikey – light the place with love!
Shine his star with everything he fought to rise above
The crazy-man of Khaki from the day he left the pouch
Living out his dream and in that classic ‘Stevo’ crouch

Exploding forth with character and redefining cheek
It’s one thing to be honoured as a champion unique
It’s one thing to have microphones and spotlight cameras shoved
It’s another to be taken in and genuinely loved

But that was where he had it right – I guess he always knew
From his fathers’ modest reptile park and then Australia Zoo
We cringed at times and shook our heads – but true to natures call
There was something very Irwin in the make up of us all

Yes the more I care to think of it – the more he had it right
If you’re going to make a difference – make it big and make it bright!
Yes - he was a lunatic! Yes - he went head first!
But he made the world feel happy with his energetic burst

A world so large and loyal that it’s hard to comprehend
I doubt we truly count the warmth until life meets an end
To count it now I say a prayer with words of inspiration
May the spotlight shine forever on his dream for conservation

…My daughter broke the news to me – my six year old in tears
It was like she’d just turned old enough to show her honest fears
I tried to make some sense of it but whilst her Dad was trying
His little girl explained it best…she said “The crocodiles are crying”

Their best mate’s up in heaven now – the crocs up there are smiling!
And as sure as flowers, poems and cards and memories are piling
As sure as we’ll continue with the trademarks of his spiel
Of all the tributes worthy – he was rough…but he was real

As sure as ‘Crikey!’ fills the sky
I think we’ll miss ya Steve…goodbye




Blogger Giest said...

omg...i just read the article. i can't believe he is gone. i loved that guy and the impact he had on our views of wildlife.

he will be missed.

10:44 PM  
Blogger Biker Betty said...

We enjoyed watching his shows. I feel deeply saddened by the accident and loss of a great person.

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such a tradgey I thought it was a sick joke my heart goes out to his beautiful family. He put a smile on everyones dial RIP Steve you will be missed

8:35 PM  

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