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Border Poker Run

Did the Border Poker Run on Saturday with Koff - was organised by the Tweed Heads Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club and it was a great days riding.

I arranged to meet Koff on the way down to Coolangatta so I planned to leave my place at about 9.00am. Went to jump on the bike and wouldn't ya know it, the bloody rain decided to show up. Got into my plastics and finally hit the road but it didn't look promising - all I could see was grey sky and it really looked as if it had set in for the day. By the time I reached the start of the M1 the cloud had broken up a bit and the rain had lightened up - always a good sign.

A few km's further down the motorway and I spotted a group of about 12 bikes heading in the same direction - I managed to catch up to em so I could check them out, but suddenly realised that it was the Kobbers (yes Koff, they still have that pic of us on their home page!!). I passed most of them pretty quick but did slow to give Slayer & Skids a wave - they waved back. Turns out it was their Presidents Ride and they were heading to Tamborine. After putting a bit of distance between myself and them, I looked back in my mirror at their very organised formation and felt good that I had passed them - I felt glad that I no longer belonged to a club that enforces rules on my riding. I ride with who I want, when I want and how I want.

Anyway, finally got to Koff's and removed all my plastics - the sky had cleared enough for me to think it might hold out. We took off for the muster point at the Kirra Sports Club and got there about 10:30 but there were only a handful of bikes in the parking lot - apparently the plan was to leave at 11:30. We paid for our hand, picked up our first card, a tee shirt and then had a couple of beers.

The call went out to saddle up and we proceeded to the car park. I reckon there would have been about 40 to 50 bikes - the vast majority were HD's with quite a few older bikes - BSA's, BMW's, Moto Guzzi's and the like - and a couple of Jappa's. Wasn't a huge turnout but the weather may have influenced that - think most of the riders were members of the club. Anyway, we got out onto the motorway and rode south to the Chinderah turnoff. From there we followed the Tweed Coast Road (one of my favorite's) through Cabarita and down to Pottsville and then turned inland. Crossed over the highway and ended up at the Mooball tee intersection, then from here it was a short squirt to our first stop and lunch break at Crabbes Creek.

Now Crabbes Creek is one of those single street, out of the way type of places where you reckon everyone could be related - you could almost hear the banjo playing as we rode in!! The old General Store was a stand out too - it sold everything from beer to groceries to fuel. We ended up at the community hall where lunch was laid on - was a good feed and different to the usual pub lunches. Got a beer from the store and then picked up our next card. We then stood around outside admiring some of the bikes and chatting with a few guys.

Out of Crabbes Creek and onto the old highway heading south. We re-joined the main highway just north of the roadworks and followed it through to the Mullumbimby turnoff. Followed this road through Mullumbimby and took another turn onto one of the back roads - this was a great part of the ride as we followed a road I had never ridden on along the top of the range taking in the views of Byron. We eventually re-joined the highway just past the Byron hill - we rode north along the highway back to the Byron turn off and then into Byron Bay. As usual the place was packed with tourists - we eventually pulled into the Railway Hotel (the old train station) for the next card.

After a drink or two the call again went out. We remounted and rode through Byron heading north, back towards the highway - what a noise, but gee it sounded good as we passed through the main shopping area. We reached and then followed the main highway up to the old highway and took the turn off onto it. This was where the fun began as we hit some of the best riding roads in these parts - over the Burringbar Range. Some of the boys really took off and I wasn't gonna miss out - it was a hot run for a good 7 or 8 kms passing and being passed - even had a Road King with a pillion come flying past me. I stuck on his tail for a bit watching this guy throw it into the corners - man he knew what he was doing!! Was also nice to give the VTX a bit of stick without the added weight of the rear seat and sissy bar - she got up and danced for me, that's for sure.

We turned off before reaching Murwillumbah onto another road that I had not ridden before and it was good. Backed off on the throttle a fair bit now as I was in unfamiliar territory. A few twisties, bit of hill riding and some short straights that finally brought us out not far from Uki. Made our way to the pub to quench our thirst and pick up another card. I must visit this pub, the Mount Warning Hotel, at least once a month - a lot of runs I do call in here and it is a good destination for lunch if your down this way.

The last call went out and we remounted and headed back through Murwillumbah and up the highway to Coolangatta at a good pace. Reached the sporting club at just after 5 and went in for a drink. Koff and myself hung around until the best & worst hands were announced and the awards were given out. Even got a feed when they brought out the left over food from lunch!! We left there about 6:30 and headed back up to Nerang and Brisbane.

All up was a great days riding on some well known and not so well known roads in northern NSW - was a really good route and I later found out that the lead rider was making it up as we rode!! I was really impressed with this club - they love their bikes but they also love to ride em hard.

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Blogger Vinod said...

great pics! Those classic bikes are cool! I saw some at the AMA museum - they have a lot of character. But then again, 30 years from now, we'll be looking at the bikes we now ride and think Wow, those bikes have so much character! :-)

2:35 AM  
Blogger Durandal said...

Hey there Mister Beaker!

Great pics. It's always nice to read a blog written by a motorbiker in one's same hemisphere: the weather sort of matches up.

Anyway, a while back you posted a comment on one of my blog's posts, and I'd just like to let you know that I've just finished translating it on my english blog. There wasn't much text anyway, but at least now you can read it :-)

I'll see if I can finish off one or two more today. I'm dreading the really big posts...



7:56 AM  

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