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Stand Up & Be Counted

The following is an extract from Netrider regarding next Tuesday's National Census...

Tuesday August 8th is national census night and Netrider calls on all riders to
ensure you ride to work that day.

This years census will most likely have a question asking how you got to
work that day (Aug 8th). If all riders commute on that day, then we
could honestly answer that we went to work via motorcycle ( we wouldn't want
any false answers to elevate the % of bike riders now would we!)

In the last census - 2001 - only 10% of households, that had 1 or more
motorycles, rode their bikes to work on that day. If we could get that
number up to at least 50% for this years census (Tue Aug 8th, just 2 weeks
away!) then wouldn't that send a clear message about motorcycle and scooter
riding to the government and statisticians.

In March 2005, there was over 420,000 motorcycles registered across the
nation (3.0% of all vehicles registered). With a 4.7% annual growth, this
means we should now have approx. 440,000 registered bikes. If at least 50%
of those were ridden to work on census day, then 220,000 riders being
included in the census would be a powerful statistic for us to use in the

So the "calls to arms" is out! Will you ride you bike to work on census day?
Tell everyone you know that rides or owns a bike to ride to work on census
day too!



Blogger Christine said...

I rode on Ride to Work Day!

Although I work at home, but I did get out around the block *wink*...

1:06 PM  

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