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Nomads Poker Run

Koff, Tiki, Kat and myself thought we would try something different today. Instead of joining the rest of the crew in Brisbane on the Black Uhlans Poker Run we thought we would join the Nomads for their run starting at Billinudgel in northern New South Wales.

It didn't begin too well - I left my place in Brisbane a bit too late and had to fly down the M1 to meet up with Koff & Tiki at Nerang , then pickup Kat from Kingscliff to make the 10am start. We made it to the Billi Pub just on time but then found out that the run wasn't going to start for another hour and a half coz they wanted to wait for a couple of other Nomad chapters to arrive. Shit happens!!

We settled in on the pub balcony and watched as the bikes rolled in. I was amazed at the number of Nomad members that were showing up. All the poker runs I have been on usually have a ratio of about 4 guests to 1 host club member. I estimate there would have been about 150 bikes do the run with around 50 being Nomads and some of them travelling from Sydney and the Hunter Valley be there. Good blokes too - had a conversation with the Vice President about where they were all from and what the plan was for the day.

Where it all happens in Billinudgel - the pub

On the highway heading towards Pottsville

We hit the road at about 11:30 and headed towards our first stop - the Pottsville Tavern. These guys rode at a fair pace and it was good fun. Both Koff and myself sat about mid pack for the first leg and watched as everyone sorted their positions out. After a 30km squirt up the highway we turned off and headed out to the coast and Pottsville. The road we followed took us through sugar cane farming land and was not too good in some spots but we all managed to stay upright. I will be avoiding this road in the future. Finally rolled in to sleepy old Pottsville and I reckon we woke some of the locals from their surf induced slumber. Lots of excited kids along the side of the roads waving and carrying on - no doubt they heard us coming and rushed out to see what all the noise was about. We arrived at the pub, parked and then proceeded in for some refreshments and our next card.

Koff & Tiki

In the car park at the Pottsville pub

Kat and me smiling for the camera!!

On the highway again, heading to Murwillumbah

Koff & Tiki again

After about an hour the call went out to gear up and get going.We followed the same road back inland to the highway and as I later learnt at the clubhouse, one of the Nomads came off his bike in a particularly bad section of road - apparently he was scooting along and his brakes packed it in. Result was a dented tank, pegs and mirrors damaged and a little bit of bark of said rider. He was one very lucky man - he fortunately hit a plastic barrier which was on the side of the road due to roadworks - think this absorbed most of the impact and probably saved him from a much worse fate. He ended up completing the ride in the recon vehicle with his bike. Anyway, we got back on the highway and rode the short distance into Murwillumbah for our next stop and lunch. Took a while to get a drink here as it was only a small place with a few people behind the bar. We finally got one and then headed out the back for some lunch. This was put on by the club and didn't cost us at all - wasn't bad tucker either. After eating we took a walk along the footpath and checked out some of the other bikes taking part in the run.

The call went out to get ready and after about an hour and a half we were under way again. From Murwillumbah we followed a stretch of road that I know well - the old highway running over the Burringbar Ranges. I know I keep going on about this stretch of road but I love it - nice and wide with some long sweeping corners and good bitumen - and we used all of it too with some of the Nomads deciding to move up to the front by weaving between us. The road runs for about 25 kms adjacent to the current highway and then cuts inland and through Mooball before finally crossing and re-joining the new highway. This was without doubt the best part of the ride, moving along at a fair pace and scraping the floorboards on most of the sweepers. I was surpised that Kat didn't start slapping my helmet to slow up - turns out she was really enjoying this part as well. When we did finally re-join the highway we were slowed significantly due to the ongoing roadworks and increase in traffic.

Some of the bikes on Murwillumbah's main drag

Finally got through the slow patch and as we were coming towards the Byron turn off some of the guys started signalling to take it. Most of the back half of the pack headed into Byron Bay and the Nomads clubhouse. Turns out that we were supposed to head further south to Lennox Heads for another stop (and card) before returning to the clubhouse. We were now a card short and didn't get to complete the run properly. Oh well - we still had a good time chatting to some of the guys at the clubhouse and checking out more of the bikes. When the rest of the bikes did finally make it back to the clubhouse we decided to head off. Tiki had to work and Koff and her had an hours ride back to their place. We left the clubhouse at about 5pm and had a good ride back up the highway to the Kingscliff turn off where we parted company.

The day was good - great riding (although a little bit too short for me) and most of the Nomads were really friendly and willing to talk.

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Blogger ellopez said...

thanks for the play by play. i feel as if i was there puttin' with you guys. I see the Nomads are a MC. The Nomad MC here stateside is a pretty rough group and so i'm glad to read that your adventure with them was ok.

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

its glad you had a good day all nomads rides and partys are good
12 gage

5:45 PM  
Blogger Beaker said...

I would have to agree - so is your shop in Moss St. For those that don't know, drop into 12 Gage Customs and check out their range. I have included a link to the 12 Gage range - check it out....

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice flog!

keep riding

peace and love

mihaela from Peru

2:09 PM  

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