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Suzuki's M109R - Yummy...

As Homer says "MMMMMMMMM...chocolate!!". I think I know what he means - I have found what I reckon I will eventually replace the VTX1300 with and it's not a Honda - it's Suzuki's M109R. Looks similar to the VTX1800F, which we unfortunately (maybe now fortunately) cannot get hold of in Australia, however a few things make this bike better in my opinion. The first is the softail look - no ugly shocks to spoil the lines of the bike as they do on the big VTX. The second is the finish and in particular the bodywork around the radiator down low at the front - this finishes the bike off and gives it a more refined look. Im not a big fan of shrouds but Suzuki have done an alright job on the M109 - maybe a steel version of the VTX headlight would have loooked better. Another nice feature is the rear seat bodywork that can be fitted when the pillion seat is removed - gives it a real 'busa' appearance. And it just looks so meaty with 240mm of rear rubber - and that's from the dealer. I want to ride one! Now!! Right now!!

I have read quite a few reviews as well as what the new owners are saying about them and the feedback is all good so far. Now I just have to wait for Suzuki Australia to import a few of them - their website says that they will be here early 2006 - so....where the bloody hell are they??

Read reviews of it here, here and here!!

Rang Team Moto to find out when it is due and the guy told me end of April - so I booked myself a test ride! Prices start at $19k - not cheap but if it's as good as some say then I may, just may end up with one in my garage.

I sent off a couple of emails to guys in the US that had purchased one asking them to give me their impression of it (got their email addresses from a forum that they both posted to) - this is one of the responses that I received...
I absolutely love the M109R. I had a 02 retro 1800. I loved that bike as well. The 109r has it all over the VTX. The seat height is about the same but I did lower my VTX about 1 3/4 inches. But I am 5'10" and my feet sit flat on the ground when I straddle the bike. The pillon is quite roomy. I have not yet put it on the bike. From what I can see it does look like a bit of a pain to put on, you have to remove two bolts once you take the cowl off.The driver seat is wide and comfortable, it does spread your legs out a bit but keep in mind that everything is designed with the 240 tire in mind so the components on this bike are bigger and in my opinion better. The bike has great power across the board. The gears are not that tall so you have to shift up quick.I have not hit the corners hard because I am still breaking it in so I have not been getting on it.I do feel that it handles quite well. I was worried with the 240 tire that she would fight you on the turns wanting to stand back up because of the lack of sidewall but that is not the case at all.The only thing I might change is the positioning of the pegs in relation to the shifter and brake they are close together and if you are wearing boots it is a little tight. I have only had the opportunity to take her out a few times as it is still quite cold here in New York.I would say that I feel Suzuki did an amazing job with this bike the detail in looks and performance seem to be right on the money.I actually can't believe that they can put so much bike together for the price. I paid 11,200.00 US here in NY.As for the back rest there is currently nothing available for the bike. The back fender is quite wide to accommodate that 240 tire so it should be interesting to see what they come up with. I spoke with a Suzuki rep. who assures me that there will be plenty of Suzuki as well as after market parts available for this bike. The rep did tell me that the big name after market companies already have the bike and have been working on designing some accessories for the bike.Here in the states they are predicting this bike to be the cruiser of the year for 06.I do not regret my purchase of this bike at all and as much as I loved my X which I bought new and had for 4 years I don't miss it at all. I hope this info helps you out.The only thing I want now is warm weather so I can do some serious riding. In closing if you buy the 109R you won't regret it. Take care Ray
You all might think I'm becoming a little obsessed??? Maybe, but I can't wait to ride this bike!!


Blogger Gymi said...

You'll have to give us the low down on that beast after you put er' through the ringer.

8:50 AM  
Blogger Beaker said...

That I will do Gymi - I am really looking forward to riding it and will post a full report and try and include pics.

8:03 AM  
Blogger snappa11 said...



i just want a test ride a fat boy 06

just see a pic in mag and they look great

how much for vtx ???

1:13 PM  
Blogger Beaker said...

Hey Snappa,

Gotta ride one of these first before I decide if I'm gonna sell the X so dunno how much at the moment - have to see what others are selling for.

So the 06 Fat Boy's look ok do they?? Will have to check them out too!!

7:13 AM  

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